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5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Pet Active and Healthy

5 Fun Ways to Keep your Pet Active and Healthy :: PetLuv Premium Pet Carriers and Strollers

Staying active doesn’t have to feel like a chore – for you or your pet! There are lots of ways you can play and stay healthy together, and it’s way more fun than your average gym visit. 

Here are our top picks for living an active lifestyle with your favorite four-legged friends.

Take a Tail-Wagging Walk

Take your doggo on exciting walks around the neighborhood or in the park. Let them sniff, explore, and enjoy the great outdoors while getting some exercise. You’ll get some fresh air and exercise yourself, plus you’ll have every opportunity to make fun memories together.

Set Up an Obstacle Course

Building obstacle courses is half the fun. The other half, of course, is watching your favorite pooch battle his way across balance beams, through hoops, and under or over bars to become the grand supreme doggo!

Set up an obstacle course in your backyard or living room using household items like boxes, tunnels, and ramps. Challenge your pet to navigate through the course for a fun and stimulating workout. It doesn’t take much to create a dog-friendly wonderland, and you’ll stay active in the process.

Make Them Work for Treats

Your dog might know how to sit and wait for a treat. But you can up the ante with interactive treat toys that make them use their noggin. 

Let your dog figure out how to find hidden treats by rolling, batting, or pawing at their favorite toys. Their reward is the treat; your reward is watching all the fun they’re having trying to find it.

Set Up a Playdate with a Furry Friend

What’s better than one pet? The easy answer: Man’s best friend and their friends!

Pet playdates give you a chance to meet other pet parents while letting your four-legged friend build social skills. They’ll learn how to get along with others and have fun interacting with their own kind. 

Socializing and playing with other animals is not only great exercise but also important for your pet's mental and emotional well-being. 

Not sure if your pet is ready for a playdate? Check out our tips on how to organize a paw-some playdate your pet will love.

Hit the Road Together

When you’ve explored every inch of the neighborhood, have visited every dog park, and your dog has marked every tree within a one-mile radius, set your sights on new adventures. A road trip can be a fun way to stay active and healthy together, especially if it means exploring new places on foot once you arrive.

Choose a pet-friendly travel destination and see the city together. Bringing a pet stroller or pull-along carrier for the trip can give you more ways to do activities, especially in places that might not allow leashed pets.

Stay Active in Style

PetLuv is here to help you turn every day into quality time, from walks in the park to multi-day road trips. Our pet carriers are the most versatile on the market and can go from carrier to stroller to pull-along in seconds. Explore our collection today!

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