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Paw-some Playdates: How to Organize Social Gatherings for Pets and Their Pals

Paw-some Playdates: How to Organize Social Gatherings for Pets and Their Pals

Dogs are social animals. They thrive on human companionship, but they also enjoy the company of other canines. A good way to teach them proper public behavior is to take them on a doggie playdate.

Playdates are a great way to socialize your pets and teach them good etiquette. Follow these tips for a paw-some playdate your pet will love.

Know How Your Pup Likes to Play

Does your canine have the energy of a young pup? Is he afraid of his own shadow? Does she stay right by your side, or is she more adventurous? Is he a jumper, roller, or a runner (or maybe all three)?

Knowing how your pup likes to play can help you choose the right canine companions for your playdate. Your dog should feel comfortable and happy playing with their new friends.

Start with a One-on-One Playdate

If your dog is new to the social scene, try having a one-on-one playdate first to see how they handle being near another dog. Watch them interact with each other. Pay attention to personality traits that your dog seems to like or dislike.

It’s helpful to pick a pooch that’s about the same age and size as your dog. This way, they can match energies and feel more at ease right off the bat.

Pick a Pet-Friendly Venue

A successful playdate is usually somewhere that’s dog-friendly, such as your own backyard or a dog park. Dog-friendly venues tend to have clear boundaries (like a fence) and don’t have many opportunities for your canines to get into mischief.

If you think your dog might be nervous about making new friends, consider hosting the playdate somewhere your dog is already familiar. Just make sure the pets have enough room to run and play together.

Be Part of the Action

Arrive, de-leash, and let ‘em go? Not so fast—your pet needs to learn social skills, and they’ll have an easier time if you help them. 

Be present with your pet while they meet their new friend. Make sure they feel confident and comfortable before you leave them alone together. Watch your pet’s behavior and intervene if they start misbehaving—no growling, biting, or stealing bones here.

You might also play games with your pet and its friend to break the ice. A tennis ball can do wonders to make tails wag and bring pups together. 

Have an Escape Plan

Is your doggie done with playdates? When your pet isn’t feeling it anymore—or worse, their new canine friend has turned into an enemy—it’s helpful to make a quick escape. A pull-along pet carrier or pet stroller is a great helper for playdates because you can scoop up your pup and hit the road when the fun is done.

And if your pup is having the time of its life, your pet carrier will help you corral your pet before they can embark on another escapade together.

Come Prepared to Your Pup’s Next Playdate

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