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cat and dog carriers

PetLuv Premium Cat & Dog Carrier Soft Sided

$84.99 Regular price $89.99
  • LUXURY DESIGN & OPEN-AIR STYLING lets your pet cruise in style and comfort while pampering them like a celebrity at a spa
  • Premium SOFT & COMFY REST PILLOW gives your pet their own little cloud for the best naps and dreams. This plush washable pillow is as snuggly as your pet!
  • LOOK FORWARD TO THE VET! There’s more convenience and comfort than you can shake a tail at, making those trips to the vet an anxiety-free experience
  • CARRY STRAP AND PADDED HANDLE make for quick, easy transport of your pet
  • FOUR ACCESS PANELS & TOP OPENING for easy, effortless loading and unloading
  • EXCLUSIVELY FROM PETLUV: Roll-up window panels offer panoramic views when your pet wants them AND total privacy when they need quiet time
  • LOCKING ZIPPERS means your pet can’t escape; a PLUSH, CLOUD-LIKE PILLOW means your pet won’t even try
  • FOLDS FLAT for easy storage!
  • CAR SEAT BELT LOOPS to secure your carrier and cargo for those road trips
  • Great NAP HAVEN IN YOUR HOME OR OFFICE, like a private retreat just for them.
    Reduce anxiety with PRIVACY WINDOWS, BREATHABILITY, and AMPLE VISIBILITY - no worries equals all purr-ies
  • 4X the interior space compared to traditional hard-sided carriers
  • FULL MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: We hate in-fur-ior products as much as you do, which is why we offer 30 days to ask for a refund if your order arrives damaged or has any defects whatsoever. The warranty does not cover scratching or regular damage that may result from normal use.
  • Carrier Dimensions:
    SMALL: Length 20", Height 13", Depth 13"
    LARGE: Length 24", Height 16", Depth 16"

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    PetLuv Premium Cat & Dog Carrier Soft Sided

    $84.99 Regular price $89.99


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