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How to Create a Zen Zone for Your Pet (At Home or on the Go)

How to Create a Zen Zone for Your Pet (At Home or on the Go)

Everyone needs a space where they can relax and unwind, including your pet. Hey, it’s better than having them climbing the curtains or trying to dig holes in the hardwoods every time they get a little nervous. It’s easy to give them a space where they feel safe and comfortable, and we’ll show you how.

Create a Hotel-Like Experience for Your Pet

When you think zen, things like soft fabrics, fluffy pillows, and mood lighting come to mind. All the things that make you comfy can put your pet at ease, too. 

We suggest starting with a dedicated pet hotel – their home inside the home. A cozy pet hotel gives them a quiet retreat that blocks out the activities in the house. They can enjoy warm, calming comforts in a space made just for them. 

Our PetLuv premium pet carriers make great pet hotels at home or on the go. These soft-sided carriers spare no luxury, from panoramic windows (including a “sunroof”) to a thick, plush pillow to roll-up window covers for visibility or privacy. 

Infuse the Space with Pet-Friendly Fragrances

Tease your pet’s nose with their favorite scents. No, we’re not talking about bacon, we’re talking about essential oils. Like humans, pets may feel calmer with the right blend of fragrances in the air.

Use pet-safe essential oils or diffusers to infuse the space. Calming scents like lavender or chamomile are great choices. Just be sure to research which oils are safe for your specific type of pet. Get inspired with our top picks for DIY pet-friendly essential oil blends.

Play Music to Keep Them Calm

Your pets have razor-sharp hearing, so it’s no surprise they jump at every little squeak, chirp, or movement. When people aren’t home, the lack of laughter and human companionship can feel isolating (and quite possibly nerve-wracking).

You can make them feel less lonely by playing music that makes the house feel alive. Play soft music or nature sounds in the background to create a calming ambiance. There are even playlists designed specifically for pets that can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

Include Interactive Toys to Keep Entertained

A Zen Den is a place where pets can feel safe and calm, but that doesn’t always mean snoozing the day away. Pets need stimulation, and interactive toys are great ways to keep them entertained. 

A ball inside a ball, moving toys, or even a motion-activated toy can do wonders for breaking up cat naps and getting your pet to move and play.

Take Your Zen Zone on the Go

Double the fun by building your Zen Den to be a portable comfort zone. If you’re using a PetLuv premium carrier, you’re more than halfway there. Our carriers are made for travel and let you bring all the comforts of home along for the ride.

Explore our pet carriers and pet strollers today and see how they can help you create happier, calmer pets!

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