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How to Get Your Pet to Love Their New Pet Carrier

How to Get Your Pet to Love Their New Pet Carrier

Getting your furry friend to love their new pet carrier takes time and patience. You see it as a convenient way to travel with your pets; they see it as a magic portal that transports them to distant places, and they realize anything can happen once they step inside. 

It’s normal for pets to be wary of new things, especially when those things take them outside of their comfort zone. But these tips can make a cozy pet carrier their new favorite spot.

Start Slow

“Pet, meet carrier; carrier, meet Pet.” A little formal introduction to the carrier won’t hurt anything. They need time to get used to the carrier, so show it to them right away.

Help them realize it won’t bite them or swallow them whole. Curiosity won’t kill the cat, in this case, so let them sniff, paw, and even nibble at their new mystery box.

Use Pawsitive Reinforcement

Using a new pet crate for the first time might feel a lot like being locked up and throwing away the key. New experiences call for patience and satisfaction, and you can achieve both by keeping things light and friendly. 

Encourage your pet to walk into their carrier by adding a favorite toy, blanket, or something else they’re familiar with. Make the carrier a place for all things pleasant and fun!

Associate the Carrier with Fun Activities (Not Just the Dreaded Vet!)

Your pet might not know where they’re going the first time you use the carrier, but rest assured they’ll remember the experience once they arrive. Before using the carrier for un-fun things (like the vet), try going to places they like, such as the park or a walk around the neighborhood. 

Bonus points if your pet carrier can transform into a stroller or a pull-along. For example, our PetLuv pet stroller uses our classic carrier as a base. It connects firmly to a collapsible stroller frame so you can take your pet to parks, stores, or just about anywhere.

Take Bite-Sized Trips First

Your pet needs time to get used to being in a carrier. Taking short trips around the house is a good place to start. They’ll learn how to feel safe and secure while being confined and will handle longer outings better when the time comes.

Entice with a Treat

When nothing else seems to work, there’s nothing wrong with a little bribery. Toss a treat in the pet carrier to show your pet it can be their happy place. Let them walk into the carrier on their own, and avoid closing the door behind them. Once they start associating their new crate with things they love, you’ll have an easier time getting them into it when you’re on the go.

Give Pets the Royal Treatment with PetLuv Pet Carriers

Every pet deserves comfort and safety, and PetLuv premium pet carriers deliver. We’ve included panoramic views, a plush pillow, and safety features in every carrier to make traveling with your pet a pleasure – for both of you! Shop our line of premium soft-sided carriers today!

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