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Unpacking Our Premium Pet Carriers: 4 Features You’ll Love

Unpacking our premium pet carriers: 4 features youll love

Your pet loves comfort as much as you do, which is why we’ve taken every opportunity to add premium features to our pet carriers. From lush pillows to open-air siding, your pet will love their space so much they’ll walk into their carrier willingly (and save you the trouble of tricking them into it).

Let’s dive into what makes our premium pet carriers the best around—nothing is too good for your favorite four-legged friend.

1. Turn Walls into Windows for Visibility and Privacy

PetLuv cat dog pet carrier three stage privacy windows

PetLuv soft-sided carriers give you more than just a pet taxi—it’s a private retreat your pet can enjoy anywhere. 

Roll-up peek-a-boo windows on three sides plus the top let your pets come and go as they please. When it’s time to hit the road, the windows fully close to add privacy (something other carriers don’t do!) and block out distractions. Breathable materials make pets feel comfortable and give them less reason to bark or meow incessantly at their surroundings. 

We’ve also included an “in-between” option, with sturdy mesh window covers for an open-air feel. Your pet gets 360-degree visibility with no chance of escaping.

2. Tough Materials Withstand Your “Nervous Nellie”

High quality durable materials locking zippers strong mesh double stitched seams petluv cat dog carrier

Your pet might not understand words like “heavy-duty mesh” or “high-quality materials,” but they’ll appreciate the difference when their premium pet carrier lasts longer than their old one.

Claw-proof mesh and materials, along with strong, locking zippers and double stitched seams can stand up to tail-wagging, scratching, biting, licking, and nuzzling, keeping pets right where they belong. Even nervous pets scrambling for a getaway are no match for our design.

3. A Soft, Washable Pillow Will Make You Jealous

PetLuv plush pillows for cat dog carrier

If your pet always steals your favorite pillow, our cozy pet pillows (a full two inches thick!) will make you say, “It’s time for payback!” 

Every premium pet carrier includes our exclusive pet pillow, giving your pet every reason to be excited about traveling. Our pillows come in one of three colors that match your carrier color: red, blue, or tan. Every pillow is machine washable for easy cleaning and thick, plushy polyester filling that’s safe for your pets.  

Remove the pillow for anytime-anywhere napping, or leave it in the carrier for a zen experience on demand. It’s like a constant warm hug on the go—and is almost as good as their favorite human’s lap.

Our pillows are also available separately if you need a replacement or just want an extra for around the house!

4. An Ergonomic Design Saves Your Back

Ergonomic design easy to carry padded handle adjustable shoulder strap PetLuv cat dog carrier

Having adventures and making memories with your pet should be fun, but heavy, awkward designs can leave you feeling like a pretzel and make it harder to match your pet’s energy when you arrive.

Our premium pet carriers were made with you in mind, too! That’s why we added comfort padding in the handles and an ergonomic design. Carrying your pet feels more natural, and your pet will appreciate you feeling your best on arrival.

Want to save your back even more? Check out our pet carrier on wheels or the 3-in-1 pet stroller.

Love Your Pet with PetLuv Premium Pet Carriers!

PetLuv premium pet carriers make traveling a treat—for you and your pet. Cats and dogs are natural explorers, and the right carrier can help them enjoy the journey.

Take the stress out of transport and give your pet a space they’ll love. Shop our pet carrier collection today!

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