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How to Choose a Pet Carrier Your Scaredy Cat Won’t Hate

How to Choose a Pet Carrier Your Scaredy Cat Won’t Hate

For many felines, the mere sight of a pet carrier is enough to send them scrambling up the nearest tree. Very few willingly walk into their carriers, but when travel is non-negotiable, it helps to choose a pet travel crate your cat doesn’t fear.

Here’s what to look for to keep your feline purrfectly happy:

Cat Carrier with Soft Sides

Are you excited about the idea of cramming yourself into a cold, hard crate with no room to stretch? Neither is your cat. 

Cats love comfort too, which is why soft-sided cat carriers offer the perfect alternative to traditional travel crates. Softer materials nuzzle your feline and offer more flexibility and movement. They’re less intimidating for pets, ensuring your scaredy cat can enjoy the ride.

Spacious Size for Big Cat Stretches

Confined spaces aren’t fun for anyone, including your cat. Choosing a cat crate that’s substantially bigger than your cat gives them more freedom and can help them feel calmer.

PetLuv premium carriers offer four times the space compared to traditional pet crates, giving your companion plenty of room for their feline yoga.

Multiple Escape Hatches

Most cat carriers have just one entrance, and it’s not always ideal for humans (especially if your cat is fighting tooth and claw to avoid the carrier). Choose a pet crate that gives you more ways to load or extract your pet and make your life easier.

For example, PetLuv carriers have three access panels on the side and one on the top, each of which is controlled by locking zippers to keep your cat where you want them. 

Easy Cat Carrier Cleanup

When nerves get the best of your precious purr babies, it can mean extra messes in their carrier. Choose materials that easily wipe clean and won’t absorb odors, but also don’t sacrifice your kitty’s comfort.

For example, our PetLuv cat crates include a plushy pillow that’s a full two inches thick, giving your cat their own little cloud while they travel. The entire pillow (not just the cover) is machine washable for easy cleanup, so you can keep messes, accidents, and odors at bay.

Privacy Windows to Ease Their Stress (and Yours)

The sight of another animal, loud traffic, or a crowd of people is enough to send your crated cat into a tizzy. A better alternative to open-air windows is privacy panels that you can open and close based on your cat’s behavior.

Privacy windows offer ventilation and visibility when you need them and privacy when you don’t. You can keep distractions out of sight and out of mind when traveling with your cat, allowing them to remain calm and collected.

Get the Catillac of Pet Travel Crates from PetLuv!

We’ve covered every fine detail to create the purr-fect cat crate to make travel for cats a pleasure. Explore the benefits of a PetLuv cat carrier and help your scaredy cat learn to love new adventures!

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