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Barkitecture 101: The Coolest Dog-Friendly Home Features We’ve Seen

Barkitecture 101: The Coolest Dog-Friendly Home Features We’ve Seen

Your beloved pooch is part of the family, so it’s no surprise that more families are adding cool dog-friendly features to their homes. Going beyond the basic pillow and feeding station setups, we’ve seen some pretty paw-some spaces made just for canines.

Here are some of the best barkitecture ideas to inspire you to make your dog feel right at home.

Custom Dog Wash Station

Style By Emily Henderson shares a creative idea to add a dog wash station to your laundry room. It’s a simple recipe: A water source, tile floor, large tub, and a sprayer are all you need for the cleanest pup in town.


This cool dog washing station adds beauty and value to your home, plus it lets you keep your bathrooms for human use only. No more trying to relocate shampoo bottles, razors, and rags from your tub so you can bathe your dog. This example probably has direct outside access so you can wash your dogs straight away after a playdate or trip to the park.

Under-the-Stairs Pet Palace

A space that normally goes to waste has been transformed into a total pet palace. Instagram user @mark.thebuilder shares a how-to video on using this space as a built-in dog kennel. All you need is a saw, some lighting, and a dose of imagination. 


The final result is nothing short of stunning. There’s plenty of space for small and large dogs alike to stand at full height, turn around, stretch, and even do a little dance.

Homemade Doggie Playground

No time for the dog park? Create your own at home with crates, barrels, tubes, extra wood, and anything else you can use for building. Doggie playgrounds keep your dog so active and busy they’ll forget to bark at the mailman!


Ruff Ranch in Shawnee, Kansas, makes it look easy with these colorful stairs nestled together. 

In-Ground Doggie Swimming Pool

For dogs who love water, it’s easy to add a swimming pool to your yard! 


This in-ground design shared by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance uses a plastic kiddie pool and cinder blocks. You can go more luxurious with a true-to-form inground pool, or keep it simple with a plastic pool without the digging. Either way, your precious pooch can doggie paddle the day away!

Pet Hotel and Carrier in One

If you’re searching for a dog-friendly feature that’s more realistic for the average homeowner, check out this comfy, soft-sided pet crate. It doubles as a pet hotel and your pet carrier so you can use it at home or on the go.

PetLuv Premium Dog Carriers Soft Sided

This way, your dog can take its “safe space” with them wherever they travel and feel the comforts of home. It’s lightweight and super portable, making it easy to give your pooch a five-star travel experience.

Add Style to Your Home with PetLuv Premium Pet Carriers

Making your home more dog-friendly doesn’t have to cost a tail and a paw. Start with a PetLuv premium pet carrier that can be your dog’s home—and home away from home. Shop our pet carriers today!

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