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This 3-in-1 Pet Stroller Lets Your Pet Ride in Luxury

This 3-in-1 Pet Stroller Lets Your Pet Ride in Luxury

Pet strollers are the best thing to happen to pet travel. Picture it: you and your pet browsing the aisles of your favorite store, exploring the neighborhood, or traveling to a new city, all with your pet comfortably and safely seated in their stylish pet stroller.

PetLuv pet strollers offer a retreat where your pet can feel safe and happy, relaxed and engaged in the world around them. We’ve combined the best worlds of a pet carrier, cozy home, and stroller in one to give you your money’s worth:

  • Soft-sided detachable pet carrier for easy transport anywhere
  • Pet carrier doubles as a pet hotel, complete with a plush, washable pillow and privacy sides
  • A sturdy wheeled base with locking brakes and a handle makes every outing a walk in the park

Let’s explore further.

Pet Crate Base Made for Every Environment

Unlike other pet strollers that only roll, PetLuv pet strollers are built around our classic pet crate. Go from the home to the car to a walk and back, all while letting your fur baby rest snugly in their carrier. Simply attach or detach the entire crate from the stroller frame, keeping your pet comfortable inside.

There’s no need to take your pet out of their little haven to embark on your travels — and no need to coax them back into it when it’s time to change scenery.

Back-Saving Pet Stroller for Easy, Breezy Transport

Pet strollers are made for pushing with minimal effort, so you can take your pet everywhere you go. The lightweight metal frame folds flat to fit in your car or store when you’re not using it. Instead of lugging heavy pet carriers from place to place, you and your pet can cruise in comfort.

Versatile for Cats and Dogs

The generous size of our pet stroller makes it ideal for pet families of many sizes:

  • Large cat carrier
  • Double cat carrier
  • Dog carrier for small or medium dogs
  • Small animal carrier (if you ever want to take your pet iguana for a stroll)

We make it easy for the whole family to travel!

Three Fun Colors to Match Your Pet’s Personality

When you look good, you feel unstoppable! That’s why our pet strollers come in three bold colors to help your pet stand out wherever you roam together.

All the Comforts of Our PetLuv Classic Pet Carrier

Anchored by our classic pet carrier, you and your pet get all the unique pet carrier features and benefits in our most portable design yet:

  • A plush, washable, removable pillow for the ultimate comfort
  • Car seat belt loops for safe travels
  • Privacy windows to reduce pet anxiety
  • Comfort carrying strap when you want to leave the wheels at home
  • Locking zippers so your fur baby can’t escape
  • Flat-folding design for easy storage

Our pet stroller gives you more ways to enjoy our luxury pet carrier and make sweet memories with your four-legged companions.

Shop PetLuv Pet Strollers Today!

Take your pet on a stroll of a lifetime — explore our Pet Strollers today and see what you’ve been missing in pet travel technology.

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