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Our Pull-Along Pet Carrier Makes Pets Feel Like Royalty (And Saves Your Back!)

Our Pull-Along Pet Carrier Makes Pets Feel Like Royalty (And Saves Your Back!)

Transporting your pet can be back-breaking work, which is why we created a better solution—the Pull-Along Rolling Pet Carrier.

Bulky kennels and uncomfortable hard-sided pet carriers can be a nightmare for pet travel (for you and your pet!). So when we got the bright idea to put wheels on our premium soft-sided pet carrier, we knew the lives of pet moms and dads were changed forever:

  • Rolling design for easy pet transport
  • Removable wheeled base gives you more ways to use your carrier
  • Roomy enough for two cats, two small dogs, or other small animals

Here’s why it’s a purrfect fit for your beloved pet.

All the Things You Love About Our PetLuv Pet Carrier, Now on Wheels

Our pull-along pet carrier is a two-in-one version of our classic PetLuv pet carrier — you get the carrier plus the wheeled base for endless adventures.

Locking zippers, premium materials, panoramic views, and a pillow you wish were for humans all come standard in our exclusive design. Check out the OG cat & dog carrier to see why it’s famous.

Detachable Wheeled Base & Sturdy Pull Strap

We added a removable wheeled platform to our classic soft-sided pet carrier to make pet travel more convenient. The pet carrier locks onto a sturdy fiberboard base in all four corners so your pet stays with you instead of embarking on their own adventure! 

The 360-degree rotating wheels on the front move with you so you can keep trekking without fail. Taking your furry buddy everywhere you go just got easier.

Pet Carrier Comforts Galore

New places, sights, smells, and sounds can send your pet into a frenzy, which is why we don’t compromise on their comfort. We’ve designed our roll-along pet carrier to be their safe space, a place where anxiety dwindles and your pet can feel at home. 

Every carrier includes:

  • A plush, cloudlike pillow that’s removable and washable
  • Windows on all four sides for visibility
  • Mesh window covers for durability and breathability
  • Roll-down window covers for privacy and calming when travel feels scary
  • Car seat belt loops to secure your pet in your vehicle

We care about your comfort, too, so we included adjustable padded shoulder straps for those moments when the wheels won’t cut it.

A Million Ways to Use It

Those “classic” hard-sided kennels and carriers are a means to an end, but with our roll-along pet carrier, transport is just the beginning. Our happy pets and their humans use PetLuv carriers every day:

  • Pet hotel, at home or on the go
  • Vet trips
  • Car trips
  • Pet shows
  • Family vacations
  • Groomer visits
  • Trips to the park
  • Pet store shopping sprees

Wherever you roam, your pet will proudly roll beside you.

Get Your Rollalong Pet Carrier at PetLuv

Pet travel is better than ever with our pull-along rolling pet carrier, made with PetLuv and designed to travel the way you do. After a quick initial sellout, they’re back in stock and ready to give your pet the royal treatment. Shop our Pull-Along Carriers today!

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