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Socializing Your Dog: 4 Tips for Teaching Petiquette

Socializing Your Dog: 4 Tips for Teaching Petiquette

Socializing your furry friend can be an exciting journey full of tail wags and new adventures. All dogs need to learn how to behave in public and play nice with others, and these tips will help you teach them the petiquette that will set them up for life.

1. Introduce Them to New People, Pets, and Places

Your dog needs to get used to different environments so that no matter where life takes you, they’ll feel prepared. 

Take your dog to new places like parks, beaches, or pet-friendly stores. They’ll experience fun sights, smells, and sounds that can help them feel confident while traveling. 

2. Start with Basic Commands

Every good dog knows how to sit, stay, and come. These are the fundamentals of good petiquette, as you can use these commands when your surroundings become stressful and your pet needs to focus. 

Use treats and praise to reward your dog for following commands. And when you’re starting to venture out, keep a few extra treats in your pet’s carrier or stroller for a quick bribe.

3. Intervene When Necessary

Sometimes, it’s best to sit back and watch how your pet behaves with others. But be ready to intervene when gentle play becomes too rough and tough. 

Try to avert bad behaviors with toys or interaction, and make sure you reward good behavior with treats and praise. Dogs pick up on your energy, so stay calm and positive during socialization and training.

As your dog becomes more comfortable and confident, gradually increase how often you venture out together and how long you stay away from home. 

4. Create an Escape Plan

If your dog is fearful or anxious, gradually introduce them to the things that scare them. But also have a way for them to retreat to safety when the world becomes too much. 

Using your pet’s at-home “hotel” as an on-the-go zen den can do the trick. It’s a space they already feel comfortable with and can take a time-out to reset.

PetLuv premium pet carriers are a great solution for this. They come with plush removable pillows and roll-down windows to give your pets privacy and comfort when they need it.

PetLuv Helps You Teach Good Petiquette 

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Our carrier doubles as a spa-like hotel that you can use at home or on the go and combines with our strollers and pull-alongs for easy-peasy travel. And if sights and sounds overwhelm your pet, they can find solace in their on-the-go retreat, complete with roll-down privacy windows that block out the stress.

Explore PetLuv premium travel products and make petiquette part of your daily routine.

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